The Squared Circle Sponsored Fighters. An elite crew who share the ideals of Squared Circle; fighting, flying and looking good while doing it! Be sure to catch these guys representing all over the world.

    Will Ospreay

    The Aerial Assassin & our man in Japan. Will is one of the top professional wrestlers in the world today, the top placing English wrestler in the PWI 500 in 2016 and we're proud to count him as a Squared Circle sponsored fighter. You can catch him the world over working for the likes of Ring of Honor, New Japan, WCPW, Progress and Rev Pro.

    Kenny Williams

    The only thing capable of generating 1.21 Gigawatts is a bolt of lightning... and Kenny Williams! One of Scottish wrestling's up & coming talents Kenny has proved his mettle as ICW's Zero G Champion as well as ITV's World of Sport, Progress and others.

    Sha Samuels

    EAST! Sha is Parts Unknown resident bruiser and butcher. There is nothing fancy about what Sha does, he fights and he's all in! Of course that's not to say he can't do fancy moves, but even his moonsault is more aggressive and punishing than any one else's! As you would expect Sha fights anywhere and everywhere that will let him from ITV's World of Sport, ICW, OTT and many more.


    IT'S YER SEL!!! From the tap end o' Stevenson to Parts Unknown, Grado is one of the most recognisable faces in wrestling & beyond. Star of BBC's Insane Fight Club, ITV's World of Sport, Impact Wrestling, ICW and much, much more.

    Noam Dar

    The Supernova himself, Noam Dar was the first fighter to join us here in Parts Unknown at Squared Circle. He's since took the fight to another Universe but he remains in our hearts! Who Dars Wins.