About Us

Hey there, welcome to Squared Circle Ringwear!

We are a small, homemade, old-time, extra-chewy, mom & pop t-shirt company specialising in designs from back in the ol' days of wrasslin' before TV-PG & the Twitter Universe, in a world of territories, gimmicks and Kayfabe.

We specialise in nostalgic sayings, slogans and terms, illustrated in well-designed designs on quality shirts. Designs for all your favourite nostalgic moments from the ghosts of wrestling’s past, present & even the future!

All our products are parody, tribute or otherwise unofficial, so you will not see designs that use trademarked character names or slogans, so don't ask why we haven't done a shirt for 'Insert Copyrighted Character Here'! We're not here to make money off other people’s ideas, we're here to provide something that otherwise doesn't exist.

The Good Part

We believe that wrestling fans deserve the same awesome quality merchandise as most brands do and like to think our t-shirts are more to the standard of famous band t-shirts - in fact we do many wrestling & music mashup shirts! We think wrestling shirts can be fashionable like Movie, Music and Cartoon merchandise - maybe one day we'll make the catwalks of Milan like Rocky, The Rolling Stones and Mickey have! We are wrestling fans ourselves, so we think we know what our fellow marks (& smarks!) want.

We don't think anyone else is providing the quality we can, and we'll be doing so at fair prices. All our shirts are by professional designers (do not attempt to imitate or copy any of their performances), not someone who has once opened Photoshop, but you'll get them at non-designer prices.

We strive to offer not just better value than other sites, but we strive to provide better quality. Better quality shirts, better designs, more unique designs. When you buy one of our shirts, it arrives well packaged, like a little gift to yourself (or someone else) direct from Parts Unknown. We also give away stuff from time to time, be it collectable badge or stickers with some orders or free shirts on our Twitter & Facebook accounts.

The Disclaimer!

Like I mentioned above, we're a small enterprise, so we ask that you appreciate that when it comes to any problems or queries.

If you return your shirt for any reason, we cannot refund the postage costs, that's because we are a small operation and we don't have any bulk distribution deals with the Post Office like Amazon or others do. (Unless the product is faulty, in which case we will happily refund or replace)

But enough of the boring stuff; head over to the see the shirts and start marking out!

Kev Gilmour
Squared Circle Ringwear
Executive Vice President of Shirt Relations